Tight Jeans & Miniskirts and what women, or men, should (or can) not wear them

good tight jeans

Both man and women can wear tight Jeans.

However, either sex should be aware that, in this case, the size does matter!

very big bottomSome reasons why (certain) woment should not wear tight jeans pants. If one sees teenage girls wearing tight jeans or a Mini Skirt, than it is understandable and perhaps even an enjoyable sight.

For any women over 30 (that is: for age or jeans size) it should be prohibited to wear tight jeans. Low rise and / or tight jeans are attractive and only meant to look attractive. Unactractive bodies in actractive, sexy, jeans is just like multipying minus and plus: the result will still be a minus .

When men and women get older it's natural that they want to deny this aging process, but please don't try to do this by continuing to wear your old tight jeans. As you will be able to see on our other pages there are plenty of other jeans designs that will fit much better and possibly make you even more attractive than in the days that you were wearing tight jeans.

sexy jeansThe unfortunate's:

Female civil servants will not be allowed to wear sexy clothes such as tank tops, backless costumes and tight jeans during working hours in the archives sector in East China's Zhejiang Province.
This is part of new regulations focusing on female officials' etiquette, a bid to standardize the appearance and manners of female civil servants, according to local archives administration officials.

The move, the first of its kind in the country, sets standards for the clothing, language and overall behaviour of female civil servants during working hours.

"We drafted the regulations because a large number of female civil servants work in our archives system," said Wu Ling, a senior official with the Provincial Archives Administration.
Statistics show that about 70 per cent of the staff in the archives system in Zhejiang Province are female.

The first article of the regulations says that female officials' clothes should be tasteful and simple in style and colour, while avant-garde and ostentatious dress is forbidden in offices.

Tight-fitting clothes are also inappropriate for formal occasions and underwear should not be exposed. And women civil servants should also cut down on the amount of jewellery they wear, according to the regulations. Wu said the regulations stress the importance of appearance as this plays a major role in determining people's first impressions. "Clothes show on the outside what you have inside. They should be fashionable but not sexy," Wu said.

Apart from regulations on clothes, a number of others in such fields as language required in daily conversations are also set out. A written proposal to all of the province's female civil servants has been made to create a new official etiquette, according to Wu. The new regulation is now being drafted and circulated among officials for comments and is expected to come into effect soon, according to Shen Weiguang, Party secretary of the Archives Administration of Zhejiang Province.

Whether or not female civil servants should be allowed to wear sexy clothes has become a subject of heated debate.
Some people think the regulations are important as they think that civil servants should be dignified and tasteful, while others think women officials have the freedom to choose what they wear.
Chen, 27, who works in a government department in Hangzhou, said clothing was a sign of individuality and should not be restricted. "People have their own understanding of beauty and etiquette and I do not like to always dress in a suit," Chen added.
But experts suggest clothes should fit in with certain occasions and as representatives of the government, civil servants should be suitably dressed.

But not only in China, women are being supressed:

The mayor of one Budapest district wants female City Hall staff miniskirt and high heelsto wear miniskirts only if they have "completely perfect legs" and the skirts are no shorter than 2-3 centimetres (about 1 inch) above the knee.

Gabor Mitynan, a conservative who runs the wealthy 12th district, also wants male employees to wear blazers in summer, and told the Web site (www.index.hu) the dress code was needed because he had seen staff dressed like beggars or holidaymakers.

Mitynan also dislikes crop tops -- popular in Budapest -- saying "few women have well-trained bellies worth showing to people" and wants the city to legislate on stocking thickness, proposing 5-10 denier for summer, 15 for spring and autumn and 20 for winter.

Mitynan is a rarity in Budapest's 23 mostly liberal and socialist districts, so his proposals stand almost no chance of being passed by the city assembly. Liberal Budapest Mayor Gabor Demszky described the proposals as "crass", according to the state news agency MTI.


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