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Welcome to this Jeans clothing web site!

We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our garments business to you. What is it this clothing website mainly about?

Nice Work Textile is a place where most jeans wholesalers buy their ready made garments from or where they will have their denim clothing, like for instance the mini skirt, custom made. NWT clothing factory is considered to be a leading manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler of private label jeans and casual clothing in Thailand. denim jeans

One of our main adventages lies in the fact that we employ 2 European sales / export managers in our company, thus improving our means of communicating with and understanding our so valued customers overseas.

We produce OEM jeans (also know as "Made to Order" or private label jeans) and other denim, denim blended or twill cotton garments for many well known companies around the world.

Our production is made up of about 90% denim jeans and 10% other denim related garments or (blended) Twill-cotton clothing products.

Prices are amongst the lowest prices possible, but we always make certain that we can live up to our promise: "European quality at Asian prices".


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